Connichi 2012

Took me some time to make another entry, I´m very sorry but there was too much to do.
I´ll make an entry with all the stuff I´ve done in the meantime but first -
The Connichi 2012!
My favourite convention! God, I love it so much. As always, I worked at the booth of my publisher Schwarzer Turm but everyone there is so nice that it was so much fun.
Special greetings to Mille, Mina and Schwarze Katze~

And thanks to all my friends who came to visit me - love you, guys, you know who you are!

Publisher Schwarzer Turm - Minas fat cats!
Photo taken by Toshi - Thank you and oh dear god, am I cute?

Martin Crieff and Arthur Knapp-Shappey

Okay, this was fucking awesome! I mean, come on, a CABIN PRESSURE cosplay?!? How awesome can it be?? Guys, you two were PERFECT! I think these two were the biggest surprise for me.


Slendy~ aww, a Slenderman.


I hoped for Journey cosplays and there were a few. Thank you, one of the best games ever.


The Tenth Doctor. The first Doctor I saw at the Connichi. Great guy who actually looked like a younger (and shyer) version of David Tennant.


Tadaaaa~ Saturday morning in one of the worst bakerys/cafes ever. God, it was actually funny.


Caught Asu . I´m sorry I didn´t remove the red eyes. XP

Harley Quinn and Bubble Bath

Hell yeah! As always: ze Fabulous Feder as my personal highlight! I love her Harley cosplay so much! It´s so... shiny and squishy and and... Thank you as always for being so nice and for visiting!


If you want to know why she should be blushing: buy Bubble Bath!

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers

Yes, no convention without at least some Avengers. But I saw no Bruce Banner... *sniff* But - TONY!

Weeping Angel plus fat cat

Gnnnn~ I love this Weeping Angel so much. And it tries to send this harmless kitty back in time, oh nooo!

Ah, Wanda ?? - Shadow of the Colossus

Aaaand Feder again, together with Wiesel! (I´m really quite sad that I didn´t see her on friday, so I only got pictures of her saturday and sunday cosplays.) This time it´s Wanda - I´m really sorry, I don´t know anything about the character besides that he´s from the game Shadow of the Colossus. But you two were awesome together! And Feders make up was sooo good (done by Wiesel)!


Here´s the second Doctor I saw - a very charming Eleventh. I really liked him!

These are my best pictures. I didn´t post the ones with a certain pair of very attractive boobs cause I think I´ll ask for permission first.

It was a funny convention with many great people. Only my workshop was at the worst possible time but - okay.
I´m so looking forward to next year!
See you all in holy fucking Kassel!